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    Problem adding a new DesignGraphics feature

    Tom Faust

      I am able to create a DesignGraphics feature, give it a TEXTSTRING, FONT, SHAPE, etc. It is created and I can select it on the map. Selection outlines it in blue exactly where I expect it to be. However, the text does not appear. I can see other pre-existing DesignGraphics features display their text; some plain black text, some text in a bordered cell with yellow background. Mine is just empty.


      I don't understand...

      1. Why mine is invisible
      2. How some have background color and border and some are just text


      Here's what I see for mine with red circles around the selected feature and it's text value. Any thoughts?

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          Tom Faust

          In addition I have noticed that DesignGraphics that do show up on the map have a BLOB in the Element column. My additions have NULL in the Element column. If this is the issue, the question then would be, what am I supposed to put in the Element column?

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            Tom Faust

            We found the answer ourselves. Once you have the TextElement that looks like you want it (text, font, position, angle, etc.) you just need these lines of code:


            var feature = featureClass.CreateFeature();

            var annotationFeature = (IAnnotationFeature) feature;

            annotationFeature.Annotation = (IElement) textElement.ArcTextElement;



            Where featureClass is SDEADMIN.DESIGNGRAPHICS and you are in an editable workspace. Apparently setting Annotation fills in the Element BLOB and the rest of the columns automatically.

            Most importantly, it works.