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    Error installin ArcFM on local PC, VBA error

    Catalin Vladutu


      Still now we used concurrent license from ESRI. From this year they provided single user. We used 3 servers, one for licenses.

      We want to install ArcFM to local pc, we installed ArcGIS, we installed VBA, like you can see in the attach, but we can't install ArcFM. Any sugestions?

      VBA error.JPG

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          Neil Etheridge

          Hi Catalin,


          I've had the same issue before.  Try reinstalling the VBA extension ensuring you choose "Run as Administrator" when running the setup.exe.


          If this doesn't work ... Setup.exe bundles the 2 VBA msi and you can run these individually.  Start a command prompt ensure you "Run as Administrator", then run the commands below (you may have to correct the paths).


          msiexec /i "ArcGIS_VBA_Compatibility_1021_139074\VBACompatibility\VBA\VBAOF11.msi"

          msiexec /i "ArcGIS_VBA_Compatibility_1021_139074\VBACompatibility\VBA\1033\VBAOF11I.msi"


          A downside to the second option is that VBA won't be visible in "Programs and Features" or "Apps & Features" if your running Windows 10.