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    ArcFM, MultiSpeak, and Solar Power Additions to our GIS

    Tera Curren


      Our goal is to have continuity within our company and within the ArcFM community when configuring our data model.

      I want to find the best place (in a related table) to add photovoltaic panel information and Inverter information into our GIS.


      The latest version of Multi-Speak that I've seen is version 3 which doesn't include either of these two items


      We've been using our Generator feature class for our net meters. We have simply place a generator within the parcel and have only completed the Generator Type field with 'PHOTOVOLTAIC'.

      To make the data more useable for our Electric Engineers I want to add Manufacturer, Make, Model, kW for total system for both the PV Panel and the Inverter.

      We also want to relate the Generator to the ServiceLocation but have only done a 'soft' relate by putting ServiceLocationOID into the Generator Service Location field.


      This is the latest Multi-Speak data dictionary that I could find:  https://www.scribd.com/document/370254652/ArcGIS-MultiSpeak-Data-Model-Data-Dictionary


      A few questions:

      Does anyone know of a later version of Multi-Speak which may have modeled for these items?

      Does anyone use any other feature class or related table to enter this information?

      Does anyone have their GIS up and running with net meters that are willing to share how you configured your model?


      This is my first time posting and I'm not quite sure which Place would be best for this question. If you have any suggestions that would be great!


      Thank you very much,