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    Does ArcGIS Geodatabase Update License required to Open edit session

    Charles Richardson

      My feature classes are configured with ArcFM custom auto updaters and my Subtask is also having similar functions. I was consuming ArcGIS Desktop Advance licenses and When I open session manager I am unable to see Open edit session, but was able to see only Open Red line session.


      Instead when I used ArcGIS Engine licenses I was able to see the open edit session inside the session manager. But When I try to place a new feature it was throwing me an error(PFA). I have gone through the ArcFM support page to identify that we need Geodatabase Update Extension license to create/update new feature if we have any custom objects. Is this understanding correct, even though the page was not clearly mentioning on Geodatabase update extension license but the statement drags me though.


      Link from Schneider pointing to license but not clearly.