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    Session Manager Failing to Post the changes made!

    Charles Richardson

      I am creating a session using ArcFM session manager and created a feature class which contains 5 subtypes.

      When I try to create new feature class using one of its subtype I am able to post the changes successfully and perform other subtasks associated with the post operation.


      But for the rest of my 4 subtypes from the same feature class I am unable to post the changes and due to it  I am unable to perform the subtasks associated to post process. After I click on the post button, the session is converted to default but post operation is not successful . I can still see my session within the session manager.

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          Neil Etheridge

          Hi Charles,


          It is possible to have different ArcFM configuration for different subtypes within the same feature class - for example you could have an autoupdater assigned to all but one of the subtypes that is failing when the session is reconciled prior to posting.  Have you checked the Miner log in your PCs Event Viewer?  This is usually the best place to start to get clues as to what is failing.