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    Node_ID and Name in mm_px_verisons

    forest knutsen

      I am just leaning about the process framework. I noticed that the mm_px_versions table node_id is not unique. I have many rows with a count of 2.  (~900).


      It looks like note_type_id and and node_id make up the unique id in the table. So, it feels a little weird to me...

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          Josh Pritt

          Yep.  This table uses a composite primary key.  This is because the nodes can all start with ID 1.  So you can have a design with ID 1 under a work request with ID 1.  This was required since you could have sessions AND designs tied to versions as well as the option to have a version tied to the work request.  So the composite key was needed to pin down the exact node the version was tied to.


          WMSSpatialWRVersion: Set the value of this field to the version from which spatial work requests (work request polygons) will be created. If a value in the WMSSpatialWRVersion field doesn’t exist, Designer uses the Work Request Version registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Miner and Miner\Designer8\Work Request Version\Version Name). If neither of these values exists, Designer uses the design parent version (WMSDefaultParentVersion field). You may also enter "use_design_version" in this field to use the design version.


          Designer Configuration

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              forest knutsen

              Great thanks. Just to make sure I got this right... node type 8 (work request) with node_id will only tie back to the mm_wms_worrk_request table and node type 9 (design) with node_id will only tie back to mm_wms_design table, etc. for the sessions... Can a work request node ever tie to an sde version? We don't have any that I see in our sde versions table.


              Thanks for the help!