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    Continual Corruption of Non-reconcilable Sessions

    Michael Mercurio

      I've had a number of issues lately with sessions wherein I can't reconcile them and any work is essentially lost.  It's happened enough times that it's now a concern anytime I open a new session.  Unfortunately, it only happens to me and my workstation, so I'm unsure if it's something I'm doing or not doing, if it's my new PC, or if it's something else on the back end that I have little to no control over.  I'd attach a screen shot, but anytime this occurs, ArcMap blinks out and crashes to desktop with no warning, and other's in my organization incur a similar issue if the session is reviewed by themselves.


      Is anybody else having similar issues?

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          Samuel Tregillus

          Hi Michael,


          I would recommend trying to figure out if you are using any tools and/or placing any feature classes that the other Session Manager users are not. You might also see if you are using a different stored display than they are. Overall, you want to see how your workflow might be different from the people who don't seem to be creating these problem sessions. That may help you narrow down the cause.


          You could also try repairing your ArcFM installation.  You can do this from the Programs and Features area in Windows, just select ArcFM Solution and click "Repair". It's possible that there's something wrong with your particular installation of ArcFM.


          I'd also recommend trying the default ESRI reconcile tool on your problem session and see if you get any error messages.  Sometimes the Session Manager reconcile tool doesn't generate a message box for an error, and the ESRI reconcile can shed some light on what's going on. However, since you're seeing a crash here, I'm not super hopeful that this will give very much additional info.


          If you're still having problems, I'd recommend opening a support case for this issue.



          Sam Tregillus

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              Michael Mercurio

              Hi Sam,


              Thanks for the response.  Just yesterday I discovered that I had a number of extensions in ArcMAP turned on that I wasn't using.  I turned them all off except for 'Data Reviewer' and confirmed with the others in our group that they too only had data reviewer turned on.  I also checked as you suggested if we are using the same stored displays which we are in fact doing.


              I'm curious to see if the crashing on reconciliation will continue with the minor change, and if it does I'll follow up on the repair of the ArcFM installation.  And if that should fail, I'll open up a support case.