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    Do I need all these related tables?

    Adam Beller

      I am in the process of updating some of our database schema and I am wondering if all of the related unit tables are necessary for ArcFM to function correctly, or if some can be deleted.  Specifically I am looking at the SwitchUnit, FuseUnit, TransformerUnit, and Various conductor unit related tables.  The data in most of these tables is very spotty and we do not consistently enter the data when creating new features.  In addition, we have an asset management system that seems like a better place to store unit specific data.  We mostly create the related objects to avoid throwing errors when we run the QA/QC.  I believe those errors are driven by the ESRI Rules QA/QC option.  So my question is, if I remove the tables and relationship classes, will the QA/QC errors go away and will it break any of the ArcFM feeder manager functionality?