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    symbol rotation field is not set up for this layer

    Ravin Hasseea

      Hi I am using ArcFM Desktop 10.03. I am loading new records to an existing Water pipe POLYLINE feature class using Object Loader in Arcmap.

      The feature class is a feature dataset, which has a geometric network.


      I am getting the following message during load:

      "Symbol rotation field is not set up for this point layer. Therefore you will not be able to use auto angle setter."


      There is no field set up for Symbol Rotation in the feature class, hence the autoupdater  ArcFM Auto Angle Setter is also not set up.

      Is this message due to connectivity with point feature classes ?


      I have tried to suppress any autoupdater messages using http://resources.arcfmsolution.com/10.1/appendix/TSSuppressMessages.html, but this didn't make any difference.


      Any suggestions?