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    PON Splitters and Patching to Bulkhead in Distribution Cabinet

    Lane Howerton

      Hey Any and All,


      So with the help of Tim, Brian, and some others on here, I was able to modify our FTTH data model to allow for FiberSplitterLocations to have multiple splitter modules (F_Splitter table) at one location and then of course input and output ports off of them. Now I've realized that I really need a Bulkhead/PatchPanel in the mix too so I have a place to splice the input fibers and the output fibers of the splitters. This will allow me to be able to report the Port # that the customer is actually connected to. In several cases we have multiple output distribution fiber cables leaving the PON cabinet (i.e. 2-216cts in the case of a 432ct supply cabinet) and when I'd splice all my output splitter fibers directly to the output distribution fibers, I'd get to fiber 216 and have to start over at 1 for the next 216ct fiber. By adding the PatchPanel into the mix I can report the Port# all the way to 432.


      I'm I thinking correctly on this? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks All.







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          Tim Szekely

          Hi Lane,


          A few options here.  You could add a relationship to either the F_Rack or the F_PatchPanel tables from your Splitter Location feature, to allow the splitter location to have 'Rack' objects related to it. 


          Alternately, you could make these locations subtypes of Patch Locations, which can already have racks/patch panels.  You may need to add a relationship between Patch Location (or F_Rack) and the F_Splitter table, if one doesn't already exist.


          Finally, you should also just be able to connect the splitter 'ports' directly to the strands of the cables.  I can't really tell which of these best fits your model, it's hard for me to visualize exactly what's in the cabinets and what is connected to what. 


          And you are right about having a 432 count patch panel, by adding something like this, you would have all 432 "ports" shown in the list at once, as opposed to only half that with only one cable shown at a time.



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            Lane Howerton

            Thanks Tim,


            I went the relationship to F_Rack route. I think that will work for us the best.


            Just to help others out that might see this, here is a pic of a typical PON cabinet we're using.


            The right side has nine 1x32 splitters. The inputs to the splitters plug in at the top of the cabinet on the left (blue leads). The outputs plug in on the left side of the cabinet (yellow leads). Not sure where on this cabinet the unused output leads can be parked, but think it's at the top right or lower middle (black areas). This cabinet will serve 288 customers as configured. On the backside (backports) are fiber cables that come with the cabinet that travel down into the vault below and splice to the input fibers coming from the headend and output fibers going to the taps and then to customers.


            Hope this helps,