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    Config won't finish downloading

    greg lipski

      Anyone have a recommendation for what else to try...have a G0 red board which works fine in the field but cannot get the config download to complete. No problem logging in but keeps stopping and hanging up at a different .xml file each time. Using XP and have rebooted laptop & cpu multiple times. Pinged both Ethernet ports for several minutes with no problem (no packet loss). Could this be an internet explorer issue (activex or other)

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          Abe Chandrabose

          Hi Greg,


          Does this issue occur while downloading the configuration for that particular RTU or with multiple RTUs using that PC? 


          I have encountered a similar situation where a customer would attempt to download an RTU configuration through a network connection, but
          it would fail at different points.  We were able to trace it back to a firewall that would terminate the FTP session.  Are you downloading the RTU configuration over
          a network connection?  Is there a firewall on the PC that could be disabled to see if it could be causing an issue?


          I have attached a tool that emulates the Up/Download tab of the SAGE RTU by running a stand-alone executable.  Work is still being done to support the C3412
          CPU (SAGE 2200), so it has not been released to customers.  Could you try to download the RTU configuration using this tool and let us know if it works out?


          Instructions to use the SAGEFileXfer Tool:

          1. Un-zip the contents onto your PC
          2. Drill into the SageFileXferTool\Support directory
          3. Launch the FileXfer.exe application
          4. Set the CPU Type to C3414
          5. Type the IP Address of the RTU and click the Set HostName button
          6. Fill in the User Name and Password, and click Connect
          7. While the File Type selection is set to Configuration, click the Get from RTU button
          8. Point to a location on your PC to store the configuration files, and click Save


          Thank you,