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    Wavepoint - searching device & Patch Panel

    Rebecca Fu



      In Wavepoint, we can search patch location and rack, but can we search the device and patch panel that's under the rack?


      Thanks a lot.



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          Cory Williams

          Hi Rebecca,

          I had the same query a while ago... Natively in Wavepoint there's no way to do this, however, I created a couple of views in my SDE Geodatabase and brought them in as layers but made them with no symbology so that it would just appear as though the user was seeing a Patch Location.



           pp.OBJECTID as ObjectID,
           pp.Name as PatchPanel, 
           r.Name as RackName,
            WHEN plr.name IS NULL THEN pld.name 
            ELSE plr.name 
           END AS PatchLocation,
           pp.GlobalID as PPGlobalID,
            WHEN plr.name IS NULL THEN pld.SHAPE 
            ELSE plr.SHAPE
           END AS SHAPE,
           r.OBJECTID as RackOID,
            WHEN plr.name IS NULL THEN pld.OBJECTID
            ELSE plr.OBJECTID
           END AS PLOID
           GIS.F_PatchPanel_evw pp
           LEFT OUTER JOIN GIS.F_Rack_evw r on pp.FiberParent = r.GlobalID and pp.FiberParentClassModelName = 'RACK'
           LEFT OUTER JOIN GIS.PatchLocation_evw plr on r.FiberParent = plr.GlobalID
           LEFT OUTER JOIN GIS.PatchLocation_evw pld on pp.fiberparent = pld.GlobalID and pp.FiberParentClassModelName = 'FIBERPATCHLOCATION'


          Hopefully this might help?