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    How do you model Distributed Un-Metered Load?

    Roger Farmer

      The operations department (for a very good reason) wish to trace and find all consumers for planning and outages. The EGDB can only have uniquely identifiable points (I'll call them ICPs; Installation Control Points) data-linked to the ICP database which in turn must reconcile with the national ICP registry. Street lighting or railway (railroad) signalling are examples of what I call Distributed Unmetered Load (DUML). The ICP feature (presently) has no subtypes or a field that could be utilised.


      In our region the street lighting and signalling are not owned by the utility so streetlighting and signalling are not in the database.


      In many cases here, there is one ICP connected to the HV Zone Transformer (at sub-transmission level) with service conductor to represent the entire street lighting load, when in fact there should be dozens of services each connected to dozens of distribution transformers.


      Any ideas would be gratefully considered!


      david stevens you might want to chip in on this.