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    Pulses from Delivery Points to 2400 RTU

    Scott Angell



      We are upgrading a station from a Micro 1 to a 2400 RTU (Thank the Lord).  We have a delivery point coming in with pulses from an outside power company, pulses that help determine the demand Kw, KVAR In, and KVAR Out.  We are having some issues getting the 2400 setup to accept the pulses and how to figure out the EGUs (min & max).  This is the only instance that we have like this, so I have no reference to refer to on site.  Any help is greatly appreciated in learning how to deal with pulses and 2400s.  Thanks!

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          Duane Gilbert

          Are these points coming in as discrete accumulators or from an IED?

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              Scott Angell

              Discrete accumulators sir.

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                  Duane Gilbert

                  Any digital input can be configured as an accumulator. They
                  can be specified as either Form A or Form C (KYZ) and can be mixed in with the
                  other digital points if desired. (ie. they don’t have to be clustered together
                  at the beginning or end of normal status inputs) You can also specify either 1
                  or 2 counts per cycle for Form C inputs.


                  When you click on the Digital Inputs block on the main
                  configuration page you will get a pop up window. Here you will see the counts
                  per cycle (only relevant for form c accum) and how many digital input points
                  you want in total (includes points for status and accumulators – for each form
                  c accum add 2 points)


                  On the next page you can name the point and select what type
                  ie. spare, status(default), Form A or Form C accumulator. Selecting a form c
                  accum will gray out the following point as it is now part of the form c accum.
                  You will also have to change the point after to spare as it will by default be
                  a status input.


                  Once points are selected to be accumulators they will be
                  treated differently inside the RTU.


                  I am not sure where you are encountering the EGU with regard to accumulators. The number of pulses that can be accumulated is dependent on the protocol but for DNP the RTU just takes the number of pulses and hands them over to the master as a binary number 0-65535 (assuming 16 bit accum) 2,147,438,647 for 32 bit.