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    Wavepoint- could not load rack data

    Anees Syed



      We are using  only the Racks, PP , PP cards with ports and all below fields are populated and assigned the field model name .

      Wavepoint couldnt load rack data...


      Patch Panel Fields

      • FIBERGRIDDEFAULTHEIGHT- default card height
      • FIBERGRIDPOSITION-rack position
      • FIBERNUMBERGRIDCOLUMNS- Numberofcardcolumns
      • FIBERNUMBERGRIDROWS -Numberofcardrows

      Patch Panel Card Fields

      • FIBERGRIDPOSITION - slotposition
      • FIBERNUMBERGRIDCOLUMNS – number of portcolumns
      • FIBERNUMBERGRIDROWS –number of port rows

      Patch Panel Frontside Port Fields

      • FIBERGRIDPOSITION-port position on card
      • PORTNUMBER –port number

      Rack Fields

      • FIBERNUMBERGRIDROWS – slot rows