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    ArcFm Abandon Tools

    Majid AL Siyabi


      at first I added new fields in some featuresclass in existing ElectricDataSet. I put the Allow NULL Values is "No"  for three of these fields.  then I created a new AbandonedSetData from existing ElectricDataSet by copy/past.


      I configured all features to Abandon to Feature Class as mentioned at bellow link:



      On ArcMap, when I try to create feature from ArcFM features it gives me message shows that three fields "Not Nllable"are required, and then the features will not created. but when i change the Allow NULL Values to "Yes", i can create the feature but i face issue when i use Abandon to Feature, it gives me message :


      Error writing to object

      ObjectClass: HV UG Electric Line Segment


      HRESULT: -2147219879.



      could you guide me to mistake which i did?