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    Upgrade ArcFM requires single database owner?

    Steve Finneran

      While we have upgraded ArcFM multiple times (... 9.1 to 9.3 to 10.1), I only just noticed the restriction on the "Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database" button which says:

      This tool also requires that there be a single owner for all GIS tables in the geodatabase.


      We have never had a single owner for the data in our geodatabase. We have an SDE user/owner for the metadata, one user/owner for most of our plant data, another user/owner for most of our externally imported data and 2 or 3 other users/owners for sub-groups of plant data. This has been true for prior upgrades of ArcFM as well.


      How do we properly upgrade our data with this requirement? Can we run the tool multiple times, each time logged in as a different data owner? Or should we login as the SDE user and use the tool once? Has our data been corrupted because we haven't followed this restriction in the past?


      Thank you.

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          David Miller

          I have two data owners:  an SDE user that owns the metadata/MM tables and a data owner for everything else.


          Here's my typical upgrade steps (and this assumes a deleted version tree with only the DEFAULT version left):


          1. As the SDE user, set the DEFAULT version to Public (if it's not already)

          2. As the SDE user, run "Create ArcFM Solution System Tables" tool

          3. As the data owner, run the "Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database" tool

          4. As the data owner, run the "ArcFM Solution Object Convertor" on all feature datasets/tables that need to be "ArcFM'ified"

          5. As the SDE user, reset the DEFAULT version to Protected (if this is how you handle DEFAULT)


          I don't think there would be any issue with repeating steps 3 and 4 multiple times for the other data owners.  It's not like there is a limit to how many times you can run the process and if the database thinks it is already done, it will tell you that it's already upgraded.


          Hopefully you have a test server to try this all out on.

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            Steve Finneran

            I also got this reply to a ticket for this same topic:


            Hello Steven.
            Thanks for contacting Schneider Electric ArcFM support.


            This "single owner" requirement has been around for a few versions.  example:

            We don't test or support upgrading with DB users who are less than global owners, but that does not mean they will not work.  The fact that your ArcFM solution has been working indicates that you have been doing it in a way that is effective. 
            My suspicion is that the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tool alters the MM_ tables and leave the ESRI tables alone, so being the owner of these is probably the critical factor.


            Please let me know if you have further comments or questions.

            Dan Groen

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                David Miller

                The "Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables" tool is the one that modifies the MM_ tables and you definitely have to be logged in as that owner to make it work right.


                As far as I have found, the "Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database" really only changes the version number of ArcFM stored whatever they store that in the database.  That's why it usually only takes a few seconds to run.

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                Vinay Kumar Chhetri

                This tool updates your geodatabase with modifications required by the latest release. This functionality makes modifications for all ArcFM Solution applications. You must be signed in as the data owner (of the business tables) to upgrade the database. When using this tool, all other users must be disconnected from the database. If another user is connected, you will receive an error message.