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    ArcFM Web

    John Litwin

      When installing ArcFM Web, per their documentation: you
      should be able to achieve the following by setting the sites and temp folders on a
      redundant network share.    I can find no where that documents
      how to do this, or where you would specify it during the
      installation.   Could you please pose that to them?   Per
      the GeoCortex Essentials Installation Guide:


      In a multi-server cluster, each server
      provides redundancy and load balancing. This means that if the first server

      the second and third server ensure that users
      can still access your site. The three servers share a single copy of

      Essentials' configuration, and each server has
      a copy of Geocortex Core's live data. You can set up a redundant fileshare

      between the servers for the Sites and Temp folders, which provides
      redundancy for configuration files, resource files,

      and any temporary files.

      A redundant multi-server deployment of Essentials