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    Fiber Manager Sample Data

    Damian Coutts

      We are trying to set up Fiber Manager 10.2.1c on the Minerville dataset. We have also tried 10.2.1.d with similar results.

      When I try to open connection manager I get

      The relevent part of the associated error seems to be:

      The current build operation (build key Build Key[Miner.Framework.FiberManager.DataAccess.CircuitTableRepository, null]) failed: No field with model name [FIBERSTATUS] found on table [F_CIRCUIT] (Strategy type BuildPlanStrategy, index 3) ---> System.InvalidOperationException: No field with model name [FIBERSTATUS] found on table [F_CIRCUIT]

      Indeed when I look in the database there is no FIBERSTATUS field model name associated with any field in F_CIRCUIT.

      I have done create/update ArcFM solution tables, upgrade ArcFM solution database and run ArcFM solution object converter.

      Trace functionality works fine, but connection manager and circuit manager can't load the Minerville data.

      Do I need to manually configure as per %%ItemTitle%%

      or is there a working demo data set for 0.2.1c or 10.2.1d and I have done something wrong?