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    ArcFM 10.2.1c SP2 Tracing Error

    Jason Drost

      Unable to perform ArcFM Electrical Traces in ArcMap after upgrading to 10.2.1c SP2.  It appears to hang when tracing starts to access the Circuit Source records.  Everything functions as expected when I revert back to 10.2.1c SP1.  I also tried upgrading to 10.2.1d and was running into the same issue.


      The Event Viewer shows the following error message:


      2017-10-25 15:14:42,878 [Main Thread] ERROR Miner.Framework.Trace.BaseElectricTraceStrategy [(null)] - BaseTraceStrategy::FindSystem.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

         at Miner.Interop.MMFeederTracerClass.FindFeedPaths(IGeometricNetwork GeometricNetwork, IMMElectricTraceSettings settings, IMMCurrentStatus currentStatus, Int32 startEID, esriElementType startElementType, SetOfPhases Phases, Int32[] barrierJunctions, Int32[] barrierEdges, IMMFeedPath[]& feedPaths, IMMTraceStopper[]& traceStopperJunctions, IMMTraceStopper[]& traceStopperEdges)

         at Miner.Framework.Trace.TraceUpstreamToProtectiveDevice.GetUpstreamProtectiveDevice(Int32 startingEdgeEid, esriElementType startElementType, SetOfPhases phases, IMMCurrentStatus currentStatus, IEnumNetEIDBuilder& tracedEdges, IEnumNetEIDBuilder& tracedJunctions, NetworkElementCollection& upstreamEdgeElements, NetworkElementCollection& upstreamDevices, Boolean& foundSource)

         at Miner.Framework.Trace.Strategies.ElectricProtectiveDeviceTraceStrategy.DoTrace()

         at Miner.Framework.Trace.BaseElectricTraceStrategy.Find(IMMSearchConfiguration searchConfig, IMMSearchControl searchControl)

      {log4net:HostName=cisnerosjlt, log4net:UserName=ESCNET\drost, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=, log4net:Identity=ESCNET\drost}


      In addition, the Feeder Manager Window just hangs in ArcMap as shown by the attached picture.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



      When I perform the ArcFM Electric Next Upstream Protective Device Trace it hangs on the attached screen.


      Any insight into how this issue might be resolved would be great.




      Jason Drost

      Fort Pierce Utilities Authority