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    Initialize Attribute Editor in 10.2.1c/d?

    Asker Brodersen

      We have our own toolbar, and in it we have a button to open the ArcFM Attribute Editor.

      It has worked well in 10.2.1, but after we upgrade to 10.2.1.d the interface has changed and behaves differently.

      The included code, modified for 10.2.1d, used to work flawlessly. Now it causes an exception if the Attributer Editor button on the standard ArcFM toolbar has not been pressed first. I.e. pressing the Attribute Editor button on the ArcFM toolbar seems to initialize the editor.


      What can I do in 10.2.1d to initialize the Attribute Editor before showing it?


      Example code:


      private IMMAttributeEditor2 m_attributeEditor;

      UID attributeEditorUID = new UIDClass();

      attributeEditorUID.Value = "mmDesktop.MMAttributeEditor";

      m_attributeEditor = (IMMAttributeEditor2)(m_editor.FindExtension(attributeEditorUID));