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    Anyone try to use Session Manager with non-ArcFM databases?

    Ed Juarbe

      We have been utilizing Session Manager to manage our Electric updates.  It works very well by making the versioning process a little bit easier to the end user.  Lately, we've been trying to determine if it would be possible to implement session manager to do updates to a non-ArcFM database (long story here...).  Right now, we store our session manager table inside the Electric database (we are considering storing other sessions located in different databases (Gas, Water, etc...).  I realize the 'Login to ArcFM' requires you to log into the ArcFM database (and a separate login for session manager).  If necessary, we might even decide to create a separate Session Manager database, but would like to avoid this unless absolutely necessary).


      With this in mind.  we thought it might we worthwhile to ask those who might have gone down this path what they experienced, aside from the database connection on the startup ArcFM splash screen, are there any other issues you have seen?

      Possible pitfalls with doing this?

      Horror or success stories...?


      Thanks  for your thoughts...