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    How to set the Schneider license checked out when ArcMap is launched

    Dori Bearham


      In 2013 there was ticket #20015 opened with this question. Mathhew St. John provided this solution. Is this still a valid solution for 10.2.1d?


      Here's the more explanative version of the steps to set the Telvent license checked out when ArcMap is launched:


      1) Using the ArcFM Desktop Administrator, set the license to ArcFM for the current user.

      2) Launch the registry editor (regedit).

      3) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Miner and Miner\Desktop Manager\Products.

      4) Right click on the Products folder and choose Export. This will create a .reg file at the chosen location.

      5) Repeat steps 1-4, this time setting the license to Designer. You will now have to license files, one of which will set the Telvent license to ArcFM when executed and the other will set the license to Designer.

      6) Copy these two registry files to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Bin.

      7) Make sure you are configured to view file extensions in Windows Explorer.

      8) Right click in the folder containing these registry keys and choose to create a new text file. Call it "ArcFM.bat". You will receive a warning saying changing the file extension will alter functionality; this is expected, just click OK.

      9) Right click on the batch file and choose Edit.

      10) In the first line, type in "regedit /s ArcFM.reg" (no quotes, and substitute the name of your ArcFM registry key for ArcFM.reg). In the second line type "ArcMap.exe" (again, no quotes).

      11) Save and close the file.

      12) Copy and paste this file, renaming the duplicate Designer.bat.

      13) Edit Designer.bat, changing the registry key to the Designer key on line one.

      14) Verify that the two batch files behave as expected, enabling the appropriate ArcFM or Designer tools and toggling back and forth before automatically launching ArcMap.


      You can now publish these .bat files instead of ArcMap.exe. Users launch the appropriate shortcut to enable the needed functionality.