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    Inquiries about ArcFM Server Licensing

    Omar Fathy

      One of our clients needs to update an ArcFM Feature through developing an SOE:

      - What type of license is needed to accomplish this task is it (ArcFM Server, ArcFM Services, ArcFM Desktop)?

      - Can he use ArcFM Server or ArcFM Services? Which is better for future support?

      - Can ArcFM Services license be purchased separately without ArcFM Web for saving the cost of GeoCortex license?

      - If a client has already an ArcFM server license, can he replace it with the new ArcFM services license?


      Matthew Crooks

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          Matthew Crooks

          Hi Omar - I apologize for this being a confusing topic. I'll try to explain below.


          ArcFM Services is the free/bundled license that's included with a license of ArcFM Web. A client cannot purchase an ArcFM Services license as it's only included with ArcFM Web and/or our Wavepoint product.


          We have a swap option available for existing customers that have a legacy ArcFM Server license. At no up-front cost, the customer can switch their license of ArcFM Server for licenses of ArcFM Web and ArcFM Services.


          If the client is not interested in ArcFM Web functionality and just wants the ArcFM Server SOE (for development or otherwise) then they need an ArcFM Server license and cannot use ArcFM Services.


          One other note, in order to use the new ArcFM Services license, you need to have 10.2.1c SP1 or later of ArcFM Server and license manager installed. We had to make changes to those installers to recognize the new license file.


          I hope that helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

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            Omar Fathy

            Hi Matthew,


            Thank you for your response. I have the following further questions:


            - If the client would buy the ArcFM Web License, Is it technically feasible to use its ArcFM services license to develop a custom SOE? Cause it would be much worth for the client to get the ArcFM web to complete this task plus getting the latest web viewing capabilities.


            - What are the prices of ArcFM web and ArcFM Server?


            - Will ArcFM server become legacy and be replaced by the ArcFM Web in the future?


            - Another question may be relevant to this topic:

            Bing Maps stopped working at the SE ArcFM Silverlight viewer due to the depreciation of Bing Maps Ajax control version7 used by SE, When will this issue be fixed so our clients can exploit their investment in buying the bing maps license?


            Matthew Crooks