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    How do I mass update related table attributes

    Dale Weathers

      I can Create Mass Related Objects or I can Mass Attribute Update but how to I Mass Related Attribute Update?

      For example:

      • I select 100 Conductor Line Sections and Use ArcFM Create Mass Related Objects and create records in the Conductor Info table.  (300 records since it is a 3 phase line)
      • Now I need to change the material from AAC to ACSR for all those 300 records in the Conductor Info table (and none of the other AAC records.)

      What tools does ArcFm have for me to do that?



        • Re: How do I mass update related table attributes
          David Miller

          I'm not sure if I know of any ArcFM tool that does mass updates on related tables...but you could just use out of the box Esri for this:


          1. Select all the features that need to have their related records updated.
          2. Open up the attribute table view and chose to "show selected records" button on the bottom
          3. At the top of the attribute table, click on this button: and choose to relationship to the cable records.
          4. ArcMap will automatically open up a new tab in the attribute table viewer showing you just the related records for your selected features (click on the "show selected records" button on the bottom) if you want to be sure.
          5. Right click on the column header that needs updating and choose "Field Calculator"
          6. Write the SQL query to update the record to the value you need and click OK
          7. This will only update the records you have selected.
          8. After that is done, do whatever you usually do to save/reconcile/post your version.