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    Add Related Item for Pole

    Jeff Garcia

      Hey community need some help with this. I have recently added the model name of design unit to a related table, Joint Use Attachments, to try and work into the workflow of capturing and transferring those records via a design. Some background is this is a pole feature class that had an existing relationship established of pole assembly. The functionality has worked right up till I made this change to the Joint use table. For existing features using replace\remove we can operate as normal but now on new install records for the pole feature it doesn't populate both to choose which one to add a CU.  So when we try to add related items I only see the Joint Use Attachment available and not the Pole Assembly anymore. Either through the work function tool or sending it to Design\Targets tab I have the same behavior. I need to see both options on the list to choose a CU if needed. Any thoughts\help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Stephen Pursley

          Hello Jeff,


          Thanks for the inquiry. I don’t have all the exact details on your end, but the limitation that you are reporting seems similar to known behavior that was present in 10.2.1a.


          This issue was resolved by the product team and the fix is incorporated into 10.2.1b SP1.


          I am not sure if you have access to a test environment, but if you still see the behavior with the newer version, feel free to log a support ticket and we will be happy to work with you to investigate the issue further.


          Hope this helps.