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    ArcFM Server functionality trade-off for ArcFM Web's

    Alejandro Poggi

      Hey guys,


      We have a customer that wants to drop off their ArcFM Server, they no longer want to use it 'cause over the years they haven't taken full advantage from it. And now they want to trade it off for ArcFM Web. What I'd like to know is: what functionalities are they gonna be missing out from ArcFM Server if they swap it for ArcFM Web? Of course we know the full potential of ArcFM Web, that's very clear, but the point of this post is to review what features from ArcFM Server are also important to be considered. Is it justifiable to have both, Server and Web, for the customer?


      Just to provide a background of the customer, they used ArcFM server Traces for a Silverlight web application 5 years ago and that was it.


      Let me know your comments, they'll be highly appreciated, regards!