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    SQL Query for Version Details

    Sandra Joralemon

      Hello, Does anyone have a sql query that will show the versions and their related information (and will match the GUI) or at least a data dictionary?  Thank you for your help.


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          Rahul Chandra

          Hi Sandra,


          Are you talking about the Esri geodatabase versions that you see in the GDB Administration Window by right-clicking on your connection in ArcCatalog > Administration > Administer Geodatabase? If so, that information will be coming from a table in the schema of the geodatabase administrator (either sde or dbo) called sde_versions (for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2) or just versions (for Oracle), so you can just write a query against that table to pull out the information that you want.


          What information are you specifically interested in querying for?

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              Sandra Joralemon

              Hello and thank you very much for the reply.


              Yes, I do know about the versions tables in ArcMap as well as process framework and ArcCatalog.  The counts between ArcMap and ArcFM do not match up, even after running the orphan tool and I need to remove old designs.  I am trying to identify if we have old designs that are not posted.  I've been getting familiar with the transition tables, but I don't readily see how to determine when a design gets posted.  Any ideas?