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    How to alter visual components of Responder Explorer and the Web Application

    Ed Juarbe

      We are staging a Test/Development client for our users to give them a space to train on.  The test client will be on a VM and accessed through Remote Desktop.  We realized quickly that the applications will look similar which might cause confusion when switching between the production and test systems.


      Getting the Responder map to display a different background color is a simple matter.  But, I was hoping to make similar color changes to the other applications to give the user a visual queue to which system they're currently on.  With this in mind, I am asking for suggestion on which configuration files I might try to tweak to make the Responder Explorer application and the Web App visually different.  I poked around some of the web site and application configuration files, but thought maybe others have already gone down this road and would be able to provide specific parameter to start with.


      Any alternate suggestions or ideas would be great as well.



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          Shawn Leingang

          The Responder coloring is controlled through the system control panels for windows colors of forms, title bars and other items.  The grid itself can also be controlled by modifying the color attributes inside the controlstylesconfig.xml file located in the Responder\Server folder.  Examples would be you can change new incidents / hazards to a different color than what production has.


          Other users also change the name information of the user (so it shows the words training in the title bar of the client) and also change the windows background if they are separate machines used for training.