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    Trace Downstream Algorithm of ArcFM

    Sherwin Labo

      Good day.


      I just would like to know if anybody knows the algorithm of Tracing downstream in ArcFM?  Initially we started by looking at and using the field electrictraceweight, in our assumption that all elements with lesser value corresponds to its downstream.  For now it looks like its working for DynamicProctectiveDevice and PriOH, but as soon as we go further like SecOH the electrictraceweight value is already different.


      I just would like to know if we are on the right path already and just missed something or is there something we need to understand first of ArcFM's algorithm is getting all the downstream elements.


      Our purpose for this is to automate the identification of interrupted portion of our network and all its elements down to service point for us to give a graphical aspect of our information dissemination to our customers thru our website and Facebook page.


      Thanks in advance.