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    General Responder question

    Ed Juarbe

      We're just getting ready to put or Responder system into production; been doing a lot of testing.  I noticed that sometimes one of the Dispatchers gets a bit overzealous with cancelling an incident, which then starts a round of phone calls to confirm who did it...  Not really an issue yet, but I was wondering if there was somewhere that the cancellation of the incident in Responder gets logged?  I can see this as a way to reinforce best practices for those problem users who are not careful when cancelling the incident. 


      Anyways, I could not find anything in any logs or databases that records the cancellation of any incident.  Is this something that is just not available, or am I missing it?


      Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be appreciated.



      Ed Juarbe

      Norwich Public Utilities