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    Is there a way to hide/show time sliders from a menu or tool?

    Joe Thacker

      Am referencing this fix to the current sliders: Solution - ArcFM Web - Time Slider not Scaling Properly

      The sliders we'd implement don't need to be seen all the time and the corresponding layers are hidden by default. Having a time slider container in the middle of the screen is obtrusive during normal operations. Is there a way to hide and show it? Have it appear in a menu like the layer list? Or have sliders be in the same area with layer hyperlinks?

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          Stetson Weddle



          There are a couple of commands that can be used to manipulate the slider.  I haven't had time to try out each command, so let me know if they work for you.  You can execute the command under a context menu (maybe the map context menu) or as an I Want to button.


          Context Menu:  Site > Viewer > Context Menus > Map Context Menu

          I Want To Menu: Site > Viewer > I Want To Menu.


          Try the toggle command first:  ToggleTimeSliderActions




          If that doesn't work, try two separate buttons:  HideTimeSlider / ActivateTimeSlider

          2017-06-09_10h11_27.png  2017-06-09_10h13_11.png


          Let me know how it goes.