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    Deleting an Entire Utility Network

    Noel See

      Hi! I posted the following query to Exchange Help and it was suggested I try asking you guys for help.


      We were maintaining 3 separate Utility networks using ArcFM namely Water, Sewer and Stormwater. The Water and Sewer Networks have been taken over and maintained by another authority and now we only maintain the Stormwater network. My manager wants to delete all the feature classes relating to these now obsolete networks.

      From Google I found that if I delete the entire feature dataset, it deletes the network and all the feature classes. It didn't explain in detail what it actually does and my manager, who knows very little about ArcFM, is concerned about whether this may leave something orphaned in the system somewhere. I hope someone can explain how and what it actually does.

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          Jason Sharp

          Hello Noel See,


          It may be beneficial for you to reach out to Esri Australia with this kind of question. They are your primary support provider and can assist in answering your question and any followup questions you might have. Esri Australia can reach out to us on your behalf if that should come to pass.


          Thank you.



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            Hello Noel,


            Per ESRI documentation you can specifically delete the geometric network and this will convert all the gemoetric network features into point and line features (instead of junction and edges). You can then selectively delete the feature classes you no longer need. For more detail, as Jason has already said, please consult with ESRI as this is all ESRI functionality.




            - Terri Harris, ArcFM Support