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    Validation Rules not visible

      Hello Helpdesk,


      We are facing a peculiar issue with respect to validation rules.


      We are currently working with ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1c/ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.1 within Windows 7 Operating system.

      We have downloaded the Minerville Sample data model and trying to enable some validation rules.  But surprisingly we are not able to see all the validation rules that comes within Minerville data model (V10.2.1c), instead just able to view only the 'ArcFM Gas Valve Diameter' rule.  Please find the attached snapshot for reference.


      Could you please let us know whether we have to install any of the patch on top of ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1c to enable rest of the validation rules or make any settings to enable them.


      Thanks in advance.



      Kalyan K