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    Delete User Stored Documents for Multiple Users

    Doug Krohn

      There's a very good How To written by Kevin Leben on how  to delete User Stored Displays for multiple users

      How-To - ArcFM - Delete All User Stored Displays for Multiple Users

      However, I couldn't find a similar one for User Stored Documents.

      Is the process the same, just substituting the table MM_DOCUMENTS for MM_STORED_DISPLAYS,

      as well as during the MM_PACKAGES table processing, substitute

        'User Documents' for 'User Stored Displays'


      'User MRU Documents' for 'User MRU Stored Displays'


      Also, is there a way to transfer a User Stored Display / Document from one user to another without exporting to an MXD?

        • Re: Delete User Stored Documents for Multiple Users
          Kevin Leben

          Hi Doug,


          Yes, User Stored Documents can be deleted using the same process and substitutions that you described. This will also work for User Page Templates using MM_PAGE_TEMPLATES, User Page Templates and User MRU Page Templates.


          There may be a way to change USERNAME in MM_STORED_DISPLAYS/DOCUMENTS to transfer a user stored display/doc to a new user, but I'd have to test it out. Do you have a large quantity to transfer, or just a few?