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    Migrating ArcMap & Responder configurations to multiple profiles

    Ed Juarbe

      We've been working on deploying our Responder system to multiple users across multiple windows users profiles on multiple computers.  I would like to know if there is a way to create a set of configuration files that would reduce the number of steps the end users will need to perform to get their system up and running.


      I am aware there are several folders buried inside the Windows User profile (within the AppData) folder that hold many of the user's setting.  I tried to identify which folders/files I can copy to get my end users started as quickly as possible.  For the most part, my efforts have worked, but for one item.  The ArcFM Solutions login screen connect does not apparently reside here.


      We do use database roles and permissions to get the users to log into ArcFM/Responder based on their local domain credentials.  However, I have been unable to find the configuration file that would allow me to just have the new user's information populated in the splash screen/log in form.

      So, I'm asking any of you ArcFM gurus:


      1. Is there a magic configuration file that would allow me to get my users login at first run without having to click through all of the login details?
      2. Aside form the ESRI and Miner and Miner folders inside of the user's AppData/Roaming folder, are there any other configuration files I should consider copying from a deployment standpoint?
      3. Are there any reasons I should not try to go down this road?


      If this question has been discussed in another thread, please let me know.  I could not find any details on these types of deployment questions.


      Thanks in advance!


      Ed Juarbe, GIS Analyst II
      Norwich Public Utilities

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          David Miller

          Hey Ed,


          We've done some things in the realm with a couple of batch files.  The batch files walk through all the user profile folders that exist on a computer and copy configuration files from our central file share into those profiles.  We also use this to apply/update the main config files or any report styles that aren't in the user profiles. 


          It may not help with your login screen issue, though, as we made our own custom login screen and pre-populate it with the database connection screen.  You also need to be an admin on the target PC for this to work.


          I can't send them right now, but I'll try to send you a copy of them in the next few days.