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    Conduit Manager: Store Conduit Configuration

    Bala subramani

      Dear Support Team,


      I am trying to customize duct and ductbank and store into the DuctBank field as BLOP object. 


      There is no problem while using default arcfm controls.  The problem is after stored Duct configuration throw code, then open duct configuration in ArcFM Pen getting below error,

                 "This database contains information that was created with a newer version of ArcFM/Designer than what you are using now.  Load a recent version of this software to view this data."


      But there is no problem while reading BLOP Fields (throw code) which was updated throw code. 


      I used below code to store the ductbank config.  Kindly provide some solution which interface, I have to use to update config. 

                      IMMPersistentListItem persist = (IMMPersistentListItem)dbcNew;

                      persist.SaveToField((IRow)pUpdtaFtr, dbcFieldIndex);


      Note :

      ArcFM Desktop Version :        10.2.1b 

      Used dll  for customize   :        Miner.Interop.Geodatabase.dll,    (v10.1.0.0)



      Thanks in Advance,

      Balasubramani C