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    Proper way to show multiple runs of electrical conductor in the map and conduit manager?

    Nick Apostolakis

      For example I will have 2 runs of 3 phase underground electrical conductors.  In conductor there is a field "cable count" and in conductorinfo it has "number of cables per phase", so for both of these we have put 2 and for conductorinfo there are 2 A phase, 2 B phase and 2 C phase.

      Now when trying to associate the 2 runs to the conduit system, you can split the phases and place each in a separate duct, but you can only see one set of phases and not two as there should be.

      Do we have to draw a new schematic line for each run or is there a way to have the right number of conductorinfo records shown and the ability to place them in their right ducts.