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    GDBM reconciles some versions but not others?

    Ryan Smith

      Hello GDBM world,


      Can anyone explain why the GDBM would reconcile some versions and not others? Checking the sessions table there are multiple sessions listed and available, looking at the log and the history table we can see that some versions have been reconciled while others skipped? I am sure there is some simple answer to this, like it looks for delta's only, but the behavior seems random and odd.


      Also, after the initial run of GDBM and reconcile of some versions (as indicated above), it then fails to reconcile any other versions, even after changes have been introduced. Operationally it seems to work, but doesn't see versions / sessions that are out there. There have been no changes between the first run, when it saw sessions to reconcile and now, when it doesn't?


      Happy to send log file and / or explain further


      Thanks for any answers!