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    dale avery

      I am supporting a client and I have a couple of question regarding GDBM and what is possible.

      1. We are having an issue with a QA/QC rule which is failing because of a data condition. There is a Before Post action handler which cleans up the data condition which is causing the issue but because the Data Validation edit event executes before the Before Post edit event, the posting process fails before the data gets corrected.  We are forced to resubmit the design/session to a different posting sequence where the QA/QC rules are not called.  Is there a way to change the sequence of edit events in GDBM so we can call Data Validation after this data issue has been corrected? Should we move the data cleanup action handler to the Before Reconcile edit event?
      2. We also have a Before Post action handler which sometimes fails.  When this occurs the version posting halts.  The issue is the state of the design/session remains as Pending Post and remains in the posting queue.  The Posting Officer does not know the posting failed, only that the design/session has been in the Pending Post longer than normal.  There is no Edit Event for Before Post errors so what is the best method of changing the state of the design/session to indicate the posting process has failed?