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    Feeder manager 1.0 not recognizing multiple points connecting to end of one line?

    Stafin Duncan

      Good Day,


      I have Feeder Manager 1 configured for my distribution network and it's working just fine. Everything is connected and the auto updaters are firing as they should.


      Though, I noticed something that I didn't think I would have to deal with but it's happening now. I have 2 points of the same feature class (signifying 2 meters) sitting at the end of my electric line and technically on top of each other. only ONE picks up the feeder ID which means only one of them has the auto updater firing. Two of them, as far as I can tell my trying to drag them away, are snapped to the end of the line, still only one is reading the feeder source info.


      What is the cause of this?


      Is it that I can't have two points snapped to the end of one line? Does Feeder Manager not recognize all junctions snapped to a particular junction? Is there a rule that states one point per one line end?
      or does it look at it as a sort of loops where two separate junctions are snapped in the same place? It is at the end of the line so I didn't think it would look like a loop especially since there are always junctions sitting on top of junctions to create paths in the network anyway.


      Any assistance here would be appreciated.




      Stafin Duncan