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    Arcfm silent install for client machines - how to exclude Process Framework admin tool?

    Francis Shin



      We are upgrading existing and adding new users to ArcFM v10.2.1c. We are using script the process to be silent install so we can deploy to remote machines.


      I was following this thread : http://resources.arcfmsolution.com/10.1/Appendix/TSSilent91.html  to remove components. for example,


      msiexec /I "c:\Installers\ArcFM_Desktop1021c.msi" Addlocal=ALL Remove=Gas_and_Water_Tools,GDB_Replication_Client /qb /log XXX.log


      I was able to not install Gas and water tool  and GDB replication client but I also want to exclude Process Framework Admin tool but couldn't find the component name.



      Anyone knows the right component name for Process Framework Admin tool?