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    "unable to connect due to a blank host name"

    Michael Colletti

      "unable to connect due to a blank host name" I had a failure when downloading a G3 config to a spare with G3 aswell. now when i goto upload/downlaod after i put password in i get this.?

      please advise

      I tried to initiate the Safe Mode then reinstall the config but i cant seem to get in.

      I have another option. There is a spare i can use but it has K0. Is there a converter that will change my existing G3_p6 to K0? OFFLINE. or to J0 then K0?


      will getting into the SAFE MODE allow me to re download the good G3 config?

      if so the process the process im using is out of the manual;

      turn on 60, secs turn off x3 and on 4th turn ON it should go into safe mode right?

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          Abe Chandrabose


          As long as the RTU's web session can be reached using Internet Explorer, the RTU configuration can be restored using an FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP.  You can also use Windows Explorer, and connect to the RTU using FTP.  If you open a new Windows Explorer, click on the Address bar, and type in the following: ftp://IP Address of RTU, and hit enter.  This will attempt to connect to the RTU's FTP server.  A popup will appear asking for a User name and Password.  You would enter in the User name and Password that has the permission to Upload and Download RTU configurations using the RTU's web session.  Once connected, find the Webfiles folder, and drill into it.  Once you are in the Webfiles folder, find the xml folder, and drill into it.  At the bottom left hand corner of the window, there should be a count of xml files present, and the C3414-500-001G3 firmware had 98 xml files.  If there are less than 98 xml files, the RTU does not have the complete configuration stored.  Go back one level to the Webfiles folder on the RTU's FTP server.  Find the backup RTU configuration on the PC which is at the C3414-500-001G3 firmware level, and drill into the xml folder.  Verify that there are 98 xml files present.  Go back one level on the PC.  Delete the xml folder from the RTU's FTP server, and copy the xml folder from the PC onto the RTU's FTP server.  If you have any Isagraf files, you will also want to compare the Isagraf files on the RTU's FTP server and the backup on the PC.  If there is a mismatch between what is stored on the RTU and on the PC, delete the Isagraf folder from the RTU's FTP server, and copy the Isagraf folder from the PC onto the RTU's FTP server.  Once completed, close the Windows Explorer which is connected to the RTU's FTP server, and reboot the RTU.  After the RTU reboot is complete, login to the RTU, and verify the RTU configuration has been restored completely.