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    Responder Explorer Evaluator Input UserControl do not render on InputForm

    Rajesh Pillai


      We are in the process of creating a custom Evaluator class (class1) that takes some user inputs in Responder Explorer.  The .net project is created as a class library that contains a class that Inherits EvaluatorBase, and another class (class2) that  Inherits UserControl and  Implements IEvaluatorInput, IDisplayedItem.  The EvaluatorInput property for the Evaluator class (class1) is set to be an instance of the second class (class2).  The ControlStylesConfig file on the Responder server folder is configured with FilterFinder element for the custom class (class).  The library is built and copied to the Responder client folder.

      The new Filter appeares in the "Views" selector and the evaluator fires the input dialog.  The strange problem we are facing is that the Usercontrol is not being painted on the dialog, the input dialog is a blank one with OK and Cancel Buttons!!  Do we need to set any other configuration for the user control to render in the evaluator input form?



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      EWA, Bahrain