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    Calculating Transformer Load

    Eddy Clark

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to figure out a formula for calculating transformer peak load.  I started using this python script for calculating our own transformer peak load.  The script will trace the network and return the connected meters.  It will then calculate Total KWH (July KWH + August KWH), then get Total Days for the two aforementioned months, then calculate a Daily Load (Total KWH / Total Days).


      Then the script will convert from KW to KVA by multipling by the demand slope coefficent (DSC), adding in the demand constant (DC), and dividing that total by the power factor (PF) --  totalDemandOnXFRKVA = ((Daily Load * [DSC])+[DC]) / [PF]


      Here is where I'm stuck.  I've been told the above calculation is missing a division of 24 for hours in a day.  I've been told that the DSC needs to be region specific to account for our own summer temperatures.  I've also been shown two different formulas for calculating transformer peak load.  One of which is ((Daily Load in KW / Load Factor) / PF) = KVA


      Any discussion or direction from here would help.