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    troubleshoot multiple feeders

    Jason Kornoff



      How do I go about troubleshooting the source of what's causing two feeders serving the same two circuits?


      I see the FEEDERID and FEEDERID2 fields populated with Webster and Western (we name our feeders here). The FEEDERINFO field is populated with 129 or 135 or 193. The tie switch is opened and connectivity looks good.


      Please advise.





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          Juul Dijkstra

          Hi Jason,


          Finding a cause to a multifeed can be challenging. In regards to the FeederInfo numbers you provided, here is there information:

          • A FeederInfo of 129 means A Phase - Multifeed
          • A FeederInfo of 135 means ABC Phase - Multifeed
          • A FeederInfo of 129 means A Phase - Loop and Multifeed


          Some tools that might help you is the Upstream Trace Tool along with some labeling. Included are some scripts that a colleague created for aiding in these kind of problems.

          1. Copy the contents of each script to a corresponding layers. (Junction to Junction, Edge to Edge)
          2. In ArcMap > Open the layer Properties > Labels > Expression
          3. Select JScript > Advanced and remove all its content.
          4. Paste the copied contents and verify. Adjust field names as needed to make the script work.
          5. Adjust its placement properties > OK


          This will show all the information in regards to the entire junction or edge layer. Here is what it will show:




          It is my guess that you will be looking for a loop condition that caused the multifeed in the first place. So using the labeling and Upstream Trace should help you in identifying where it is originating from. Knowing the true origin Circuit Breaker will aid as well.


          I hope this helps!


          - Juul


          Scripts created by James Wright.