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    ArcFM XI

    Suman Dasgupta

      Will ArcFM XI work both with ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro? Will it support the Esri Utility Network Model as well?

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          David Miller

          I saw the demo of it at GeoConX and can say this:


          1.  It runs on top of ArcGIS Pro, NOT ArcGIS Desktop.  So if you want to use it, you will have to use ArcGIS Pro.

          2.  It's being built to natively support the new Esri Utility Network Model.

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            Neil Batchelor

            Hi Suman,


            ArcFM XI will work exclusively with the new Utility Network.  We're not building ArcFM XI for the geometric network.  It will work in ArcGIS Pro, and once their services-based architecture is made available, we'll be able to support other form factors in the future.


            Designer XI will work both with the Geometric Network and the Utility Network.

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                ArcFM GDB Manager and Process framework are also part of ArcFM XI? and Support ArcGIS Pro, Utility Network?

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                    Suman Dasgupta

                    Not able to see this in my phone, i know the answer to most of your questions asked them myself a couple of months back. We will discuss after ibm back next week



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                      Neil Batchelor

                      Process Framework will be replaced by ArcFM Job Services, which will support Pro and the Utility Network.  I'm not sure about the answer for GDBM.  Matthew Crooks, any input here?

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                          Srikanth Dasari

                          Hello Neil,


                          Excited to know more about new framework of ArcGIS Pro, Utility Network and ArcFM XI.

                          Below are few queries about new changes and I hope you can provide the details.

                          1.     Does ArcFM XI works only with ArcGIS Pro and utility network?


                          It will work with ArcGIS 10.6 as well?


                          2.     Below extensions still continue as it today to support ArcGIS 1.6 and ArcGIS Pro


                          They will be replaced with ArcFM XI series. If replaced with ArcFM XI, What is the new name and could you please guide me where can I find the details about these.

                          • Feeder Manager
                          • Conduit Manager
                          • GDB Manager
                          • ArcFM Mobile sessions


                          Also could you please provide the details about ArcFM Job Services?


                          Thanks ,