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    Designer "Car Tool" and Edit Events

    Ed Blair

      Hi All -


      Got a question.   Have got a use case where it would be useful to trap the assignment of a WORKLOCATIONID value when the Designer Car Tool is clicked.   However, it seems to be the case that the Car Tool update does not cause an edit event to fire, though I may be missing something.  


      I've got a simple AutoUpdater assigned to a class that detects updates to the WORKLOCATIONID field on a feature class.  Here's what I observe:


      1.   Click the Car Tool

      2.   The feature WORKLOCATIONID field is updated

      3.   The AutoUpdater does not fire.

      4.   Update the value of the WORKLOCATIONID field directly in the Attribute Editor

      5.   The AutoUpdater fires.


      So I guess my questions are:


      A.  Have I got this right?  I should not expect to be able to trap the assignment of a WORKLOCATIONID as performed by the Car Tool?

      B.  Are there other events fired by the Car Tool that could be trapped to accomplish the same thing?


      Thanks much for any info.