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    SDE Binary vs SQL Geometry

    Nick Apostolakis

      We are currently SDE Binary and I have been asked if we can convert to SQL geometry. If we move to SQL geometry will arcfm functionality still work and if yes, is there a performance hit.

      I am unsure of this as I don't maintain the servers, this is done by the DBA at city hall and they have asked me about it as we are the only user within the city that uses arcfm.

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          David Miller

          You can definitely convert from SDE binary to SQL spatial and not impact ArcFM.  There are some debates on if there is a perfomance hit or not, but that would depend on the size of your database.  Even a fairly large database would probably not see a performance hit.


          Someone else would have to tell you how to convert, as I'm still running SDE binary.  But we've discussed internally if we should drop binary for Oracle Spatial and we could never justify the work involved.

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            Ryan Smith

            I can say that ArcFM will still work, we have clients that use both and even mixed environments. As far as performance, not sure. 

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              Haresh Chatnani

              Hi Nick,


              I think there are too many terms (data types) being thrown around and everyone in the conversation might know what others are talking about, but I just want to clarify.


              If your geodatabase is Oracle, then there are 4 kinds of data types available to you to store spatial data. I will list then below in terms of what ESRI calls them and what actual data type is stored in the database.

              Oracle data type  --- ESRI Nomenclature

              LONG RAW              SDE Binary (LONG RAW has been deprecated by Oracle since Oracle 10g, is only available for backward compatibility)

              BLOB                       SDE LOB (sometimes some people refer to this as SDE Binary too,, not cool can get confusing)

              ST_GEOMETRY     ST_GEOMETRY

              SDO_GEOMETRY  SDO_GEOMETRY (also known as Oracle Spatial)


              If your geodatabase is Microsoft SQLServer, then there are 3 kinds of data type available to you to store spatial data


              SQLServer data type   --- ESRI Nomenclature

              Binary                               SDE Binary

              GEOMETRY                     GEOMETRY (default in newer versions)

              GEOGRAPHY                   GEOGRAPHY(not typically used, but supported)                


              Whew, Now that we are clear on the terms, Please let me know what you mean when you say "SQL geometry", and what is your RDBMS?


              Like Neil, David and Ryan mentioned, we support all the data types supported by ESRI. Performance depends on your workflow, but I can go into more details once I know what you are planning to covert to.

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                David Miller

                Whoops, count me in as being one of the bad ones who refer to SDE LOB as SDE binary and ST_Geometry as Oracle Spatial.


                Thanks for the education, Haresh!

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                  Nick Apostolakis

                  Thanks to all that helped, I feel more confident now with the answer I will give them.