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    Micom P544 "show configuration" command.

    Chris Kerr

      I have a customer (ComEd) asking about a script or the commands to run to perform automated configuration monitoring of MiCom P544 Relays. Is there a "show configuration" or equivalent command that can be run via Telnet/SSH?  This is to facilitate their configuration management / reporting efforts for NERC CIP compliance. 


      Currently they use Procomm scripts and Siemens Crossbow to automate their evidence gathering. 


      I would at least like to provide a point of contact for the customer to help facilitate their efforts.  Thanks.

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          jinlei xing

          Hi Chris,


          I am not sure if my understanding is correct or not. This requirement seems to review the setting of P544. It shall base on the Courier Protocol. There is a tool  "Courier Device Browser" which can review all the configuration of Micom P40 protection relays. With a host PC connected to Micom P40 relays via USB-RS232 converter and "Courier Device Browser" is installed in the host PC, it is easy to review the configuration remotely.


          I suggest you can join "Energy Automation Community" and ask questions about the protection relays. Please check the attached guide for "Energy Automation Community"




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              Chris Kerr

              For NERC CIP reporting, they are looking for an automated way to periodically verify that the settings for the relay have not changed since the previous check.  They are trying to go out to each of their IED's / RTU's from a centralized server through ethernet (Telnet).  Is there a telnet or serial console that can be connected to on the relays that can be used to get the relay settings?


              Thanks in advance for your help.  I'll check out the Energy Automation Community too.